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so, as i was browsing through pictures of joaquin pheonix, i came to realise, i could quite possibly be a reverse cougar..

i would love nothing more than to marry him and spend the rest of my life having his bearded little babies.

unless he shaves his face.
zach galifianakis - that's so raven

new glasses, uuuh yes.

so, unfortunatly my dogs tail hit me in the face last night, and knocked my glasses off and BROKE THEM.


but today my mom ordered me new ones, and they are amaaaazing, i loooove them!

i know i know, awesome.

now i just neeed the money to get the lenses lulz.
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Who's Afraid of Schrodinger's Cat? is a clear, concise explanation of the new sciences of quantum mechanics, chaos and complexity theory, relativity, new theories of mind, and the new cosmology. It studies worlds beyond the realm of common sense, and the new kinds of thinking that we need to understand ourselves, our minds, and our human place in the larger scheme of things.

buy me this.

i need it, well...i want it. :(